OBF - Lava 2LP
  • OBF - Lava 2LP

OBF - Lava 2LP

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  • A1 - Chainsaw
  • A2 - Vampire Dance
  • A3 - Trees
  • A4 - Controle la Danse
  • B1 - Danger
  • B2 - Lava
  • B3 - Lighter
  • B4 - Stay Strong
  • C1 - King Ting
  • C2 - Dub Club
  • C3 - One More Puff
  • C4 - Nah Easy
  • D1 - Erupshan Dub
  • D2 - Lava
  • D3 - Infinito
  • D4 - Melting Dub

20 years anniversary album featuring Belén Natalí (Argentina), Charlie P (UK), Sr. Wilson (Spain), Junior Roy (France) and the late Nazamba (Jamaica)

A1: Chainsaw feat. Charlie P & Belén Natalí
A2: Vampire Dance feat. Sr. Wilson
A3: Trees feat. Charlie P
A4: Contrôle la Danse feat. Junior Roy
B1: Danger feat. Belén Natalí
B2: Lava (Magma Mix) feat. Nazamba
B3: Lighter
B4: Stay Strong feat. Junior Roy
C1: King Ting feat. Sr. Wilson
C2: Dub Club feat. Junior Roy
C3: One More Puff
C4: Nah Easy feat. Charlie P
D1: Erupshan Dub (En Y Mix)
D2: Lava feat. Nazamba
D3: Infinito feat. Belén Natalí
D4: Melting Dub (Outro)