Creole / Chinafrica - Journey From Creation 2LP

38,00 €

This killer compilation LP featuring nearly all of Creole's recordings--plus some early cuts from its successor Chinafrica--also comes with a full second LP of rare dubs. Firmly planted in reggae, but straddling the borders of soul, funk and rock in brilliant, complimentary moves. The 2LP set also features extensive notes and rare photos contributed by band leader Wayne Chin and other players specifically for this release.

A1: Jah Creation
A2 Tourism
A3 I Don't Know
A4 Moving Away
A5 Skylarking
A6 Beware Engineer
B1 I Am A Rootsman
B2 You Made Me
B3 Troubled World
B4 Come Let Me Love Ya
B5 Destruction
B6 I Wonder
C1 Jah Creation
C2 Tourism Version
C3 I Don't Know
C4 Moving Away
C5 Skylarking Version
C6 Beware Version
D1 Old Hope Road
D2 You Made Me Happy Version
D3 Troubled World Version
D4 Come Let Me Love Ya Version
D5 Mx Missile Dub
D6 Wondering Dub