Alpha & Omega Meets The Disciples - The Sacred Art Of Dub Vol.2 LP

Mania Dub
27,00 €

  • A1 - Many Stories To Be Told
  • A2 - Book Of Dub
  • A3 - Poor Man's Prayer
  • A4 Poor Man's Dub
  • B1 - The Oracle
  • B2 - The Tabernacle
  • B3 - Roaring Lion
  • B4 - Jah Calling

Two pioneers of the UK reggae & dub scene meet! Vintage 90's classic heavyweight DUB! Limited white colored vinyl release originally intended for release on RSD 2020, this is a one-time pressing. B4 is a bonus-track.

A1: Many Stories To Be Told feat. Nishka
A2: Book Of Dub
A3: Poor Man's Prayer feat. Wayne McArthur
A4: Poor Man's Dub
B1: The Oracle feat. Nishka
B2: The Tabernacle
B3: Roaring Lion
B4: Jah Calling (bonus track)