G.T. Moore – The Harry J Sessions LP

Partial Records

  • A1 - Utopia
  • A2 - Reformation Dub
  • A3 - Jerusalem
  • A4 - Temple Mount Dub
  • B1 - Working For The Dollar
  • B2 - Turn The Wheel Dub
  • B3 - Constant Spring
  • B4 - Stony Hill Dub

Recorded while Gerald was in Jamaica working on a project with Lee Perry in 1980.
The master tapes of the four tracks that were recorded at the Harry J sessions were only recently discovered.

A1: Utopia
A2: Reformation Dub
A3: Jerusalem
A4: Temple Mount Dub
B1: Working For The Dollar
B2: Turn The Wheel Dub
B3: Constant Spring
B4: Stony Hill Dub