Barry Brown - Pass Up The Chalice LP


  • A1 - We Nuh Run
  • A2 - Rich Man Poor Man
  • A3 - Just Can't Stop Us
  • A4 - Jah Jah Protect Them
  • A5 - Don't Know What To Say
  • A6 - Bad Girl
  • B1 - Separation
  • B2 - Pass Up The Chalice
  • B3 - I'm Moving On
  • B4 - Fight Against You
  • B5 - Coolie Carry Basket
  • B6 - Life Is Funny

The Blackbeard years 1978-83

A1: We Nuh Run
A2: Rich Man Poor Man
A3: Just Can’t Stop Us
A4: Jah Jah Protect Them
A5: Don’t Know What To Say
A6: Bad Girl
B1: Separation
B2: Pass Up The Chalice
B3: I’m Moving On
B4: Fight Against You
B5: Coolie Carry Basket (Step It Up) Feat. Trinity
B6: Life Is Funny