Wiss - Mr Sunshine LP

Jah Life
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  • A1 - Mr. Sunshine
  • A2 - Praise To Jah
  • A3 - Roads To Babylon
  • A4 - Reach So Far
  • A5 - They Don't Care
  • B1 - Equal Rights
  • B2 - Handful Of Corns
  • B3 - Haunted Valley
  • B4 - Scrabbling Down
  • B5 - Mr. Sunshine Dub

1985 Us Roots album by Wiss, original member of Israel Vibration

A1: Mr. Sunshine
A2: Praise To Jah
A3: Roads To Babylon
A4: Reach So Far
A5: They Don't Care
B1: Equal Rights
B2: Handful Of Corns
B3: Haunted Valley
B4: Scrabbling Down
B5: Mr. Sunshine Dub