Twinkle Brothers - Dub Massacre Part 4 The Killing Zone LP


  • A1 - Panic In The Street
  • A2 - Urban Gorella
  • A3 - Hunger And Starvation
  • A4 - Zulu Warrior
  • A5 - Total Disaster
  • B1 - Never Die Dub
  • B2 - No Money Dub
  • B3 - Fighting Fit
  • B4 - Self In Flict Wound
  • B5 - Generation Gap

This dub album is a compilation of rhythm tracks taking [sic] from the Twinkle Brothers - Breaking Down The Barriers, Twinkle Brothers - Twinkle In Poland and the forthcoming Twinkle Brothers - Chant Rastafari albums. This is the killing zone dub style!

A1: Panic In The Street
A2: Urban Gorella
A3: Hunger And Starvation
A4: Zulu Warrior
A5: Total Disaster
B1: Never Die Dub
B2: No Money Dub
B3: Fighting Fit
B4: Self Inflict Wound
B5: Generation Gap