Johnny Clarke - Strickly Reggae Music LP

Patate Records

  • A1 - Everyday Wondering
  • A2 - Strickly Reggae Music
  • A3 - You I Love
  • A4 - Fade Away
  • A5 - Apple Of My Eye
  • A6 - Dub Of My Eye
  • B1 - Can't Stop Me
  • B2 - Can't Dub Me
  • B3 - Ride On Girl
  • B4 - African Roots
  • B5 - Don't Know Who To Trust
  • B6 - Don't Know (version)

Record Store Day release
Compilation of titles produced by Blackbeard
including roots and digital materials

A1: Everyday Wondering
A2: Strickly Reggae Music
A3: You I Love
A4: Fade Away
A5: Apple Of My Eye
A6: Dub Of My Eye
B1: Can't Stop Me
B2: Can't Dub Me
B3: Ride On Girl
B4: African Roots (disco mix)
B5: Don't Know Who To Trust
B6: Don't Know (version)