Spring Wata & The Rockers Disciples - Living Reggae LP


  • A1- Dangerous
  • A2- You N I Know
  • A3- Living Reggae
  • A4- Justice
  • A5- Ragga Ragga
  • B1- Woman Struggle
  • B2- Green Light
  • B3- Life Too Sweet
  • B4- Irie
  • B5- Shackles

Recorded by HP Barnet at HP Studio and Roberto Sanchez at A-Lone Ark Musik Studio
Vocals recorded at Exodus Nuclear Studio (Jamaica)

A1: Dangerous
A2: You & I Know
A3: Living Reggae
A4: Justice
A5: Ragga Ragga
B1: Woman Struggle
B2: Green Light
B3: Life Too Sweet
B4: Irie
B5: Shackles