Yabass Yaba Radics - Year Zero Dub LP

Hornin Sounds

  • A1 - Enter The Cisis
  • A2 - Money Crisis
  • A3 - The End Is Nigh
  • A4 - Them A Lie, We Dub Them
  • B1 - Kinte Fights Pandemic
  • B2 - Apocalypse Dub
  • B3 - Roots Controler
  • B4 - Horn Control

Prolific Dub Producer from the underground Roots scene & Source of inspiration for the young generations».
This opus is Produced, Arranged & Played By Alan ‘Yaba’ Blizzard.
Except B3, B4 played by Al ‘Breadwinner’ Redfern, Saxophone on B4 played by Stally.

A1: Enter The Cisis
A2: Money Crisis
A3: The End Is Nigh
A4: Them A Lie, We Dub Them
B1: Kinte Fights Pandemic
B2: Apocalypse Dub
B3: Roots Controler [Extended]
B4: Horn Control