Dub Judah - Make A Joyful Noise LP

Dub Jockey
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  • A1 - Something Is Happening
  • A2 - Goodness
  • A3 - Murdering Rats
  • A4 - You Do
  • A5 - Make A Joyfull Noise
  • A6 - What's Changed
  • B1 - Food Mountain
  • B2 - Justice
  • B3 - Livity
  • B4 - Straight Out Of Dubtech
  • B5 - Our Finest Hour
  • B6 - Today Is The First Day

Arranged and produced by Dub Judah
Recorded and mixed at Dubtech Studio (Nottingham)
Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Guitars, Melodica, Saxophone, Trombone, Violin by Dub Judah
Saxophone, Flute, Glockenspeil by Digistep
Artwork by Sil Cuningham

A1: Something Is Happening
A2: Goodness
A3: Murdering Rats
A4: You Do
A5: Make A Joyfull Noise
A6: What's Changed?
B1: Food Mountain
B2: Justice
B3: Livity?
B4: Straight Out Of Dubtech
B5: Our Finest Hour
B6: Today Is The First Day