Yehoud I - All I Can Say 12"

12,00 €

  • A1 - All I Can Say
  • A2 - Better World Dub
  • B1 - Good Things
  • B2 - Dub Things

Split Record, produced by Chouette Records and Vibes Creator
Side A composed, mixed and mastered by D. Wardrop at Conscious Sound Studio (London) Voiced at Vineyard Studio (Paris) Horns by Ital Horns
Side B Music by Mafia & Fluxy, Askan Vibes & Ifi Mixed by Dr Justice at Conscious Embassy Studio (Toulouse) Mastered by Simon Nyabinghi

A1: Yehoud I - All I Can Say
A2: Conscious Sounds - Better World Dub
B1: Yehoud I - Good Things
B2: Dr Justice - Dub Things