Blood Shanti & the Shanti Ites - Undiluted LP

Aba Shanti I

  • A1 - Love In The Ghetto
  • A2 - The Power Of Jah
  • A3 - Live Up Jah Children
  • A4 - I & I Love Jah (Remix)
  • A5 - Jah Love (Remix)
  • B1 - Jah Liveth (One Love)
  • B2 - I Man Just A Deal With Love
  • B3 - Holy Mountain
  • B4 - Without H.I.M.
  • B5 - Without H.I.M. (Dub)
A1: Love In The Ghetto
A2: The Power Of Jah
A3: Live Up Jah Children
A4: I & I Love Jah (Remix)
A5: Jah Love (Remix)
B1: Jah Liveth (One Love)
B2: I Man Just A Deal With Love
B3: Holy Mountain
B4: Without H.I.M.
B5: Without H.I.M. (Dub)