Soom T and Budz - Ode to a Karrot 2LP

Khanti Records

  • A1-Easy-Weed
  • A2-Matchbox-full-of-weed
  • A3-Boom-Shiva
  • A4-A-Kiss-is-Sweet
  • B1-Light-it
  • B2-Thank-my-Dealer
  • B3-Puff-that-Weed
  • B4-Dark-side-of-the-Doob
  • C1-Say-Ganja
  • C2-Sticky-Icky-Buds
  • C3-Weedy-Hawks
  • C4-Junglo-Peace
  • D1-Ganja-Leaf
  • D2-Need-Weed
  • D3-Budz
  • D4-Oui-Rant
Double Album with gatefold sleeve
A1: Easy Weed
A2: Matchbox Full Of Weed
A3: Booma Shiva
A4: A Kiss Is Sweet
B1: Light It
B2: Thank My Dealer
B3: Puff Dat Weed
B4: Dark Side Of The Doob
C1: Say Ganja
C2: Sticky Icky Budz feat. Jody Bigfoot
C3: Weedy Hawks
C4: Junglo Peace
D1: Ganja Leaf
D2: Need Weed
D3: Budz (Trinity Lofi & Ichiyo)
D4: Oui Rant