Jonnygo Figure - Crucial Showcase Extended LP


  • A1- Vinyl Lover
  • A2- Natty Take Over
  • A3- Thing Like That
  • A4- Revolutionary Youth
  • A5- Jam It Up
  • B1- Vinyl Lover Dub
  • B2- Natty Take Over Dub
  • B3- Dub Like That
  • B4- Revolutionary Dub
  • B5- Dub It Up

A1: Vinyl Lover
A2: Natty Take Over
A3: Thing Like That
A4: Revolutionary Youth
A5: Jam It Up
B1: Vinyl Lover Dub
B2: Natty Take Over Dub
B3: Dub Like That
B4: Revolutionary Dub
B5: Dub It Up